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HOW TO ACCELERATE KNOWLEDGE GROWTH. Chapter two of book "Quantum Operational Systems Hierarchy2nd edition



This post is an early release of the 2nd edition of my book noted above. All rights are reserved. It is posted here to provide some useful concepts beyond the theory noted in previous postings.


The potential for vast expansion and acceleration of knowledge growth are proven in part in the 1st edition of this book. For a refresher on those concepts refer first to Appendix A, which is a complete reprint of the 1st edition. In this chapter we define methods of accelerating knowledge in a new planned education format or system. To support this approach we first draw and compare methods and facts available from some existing education methods that serve to accelerate information and education on isolated topics. A survey of those isolated methods follows.

Survey of some existing isolated methods for accelerating knowledge.

Proven existing methods of transferring knowledge at accelerated paces.

1. Seminars for technical topics

2. Conferences containing seminars on general information topics.

3. Short courses covering the all of the key concepts of a technical topic.

4. Conferences for exposing new technical concepts in varied forms and formats.

5. Updating on new concepts by means of technical publications and on-line postings.

More intense or even shock training on concepts that contain mental and physical bombardment. This method is well accomplished in military training. In specialize training, rigid or regimented training has been used with great success for very technical topics such as Radar and rocket launch systems and in anti submarine warfare training.

7. Flight simulators and land vehicle training stations.

8. Speed reading teaching methods, including flash vision to help one learn to find key words should be considered for the core principle of how it works. As students can sort out words given in a millisecond flash, this author opines key technical concepts can be learned at similar speeds. A quick example exists when thinking of the time that it takes one to react to a dangerous situation. Aviation combat and Marshal arts are married in this level of thinking speed. Do pilots all study marshal arts for improved thinking processes?

Note: A historical note seems warranted about this author’s early life education, considering he dropped out of the study of algebra. He was forced to attend new experimental speed reading classes during many summers. He did not use it in formal school, as those school processes were boring. However, he used it all of the time in his vast self education program. It supported his personal acceleration of knowledge acquisition. Speed reading helped him expand his lower degree into the study of five categories of engineering. Speed reading helped him rapidly expand all research toward his successful doctoral program.

Compare methods and extrapolate for new combined methods.

Drawing from those methods, one need ask; What is the core mathematics that is found in all of the quick training courses that can be expanded upon to continually accelerate knowledge acquisition? Without stating a core computation one needs to examine the quick courses. In addition the seminars and conferences offer acceleration. In particular when speed reading is a prerequisite or integrated part of the exposition process. This author offers that the combination of all of the methods and areas of teaching are sufficient and achievable for a single or multiple class teaching need. This is because they (should) provide visual input of geometric forms. For one means of improvement one can exemplify what not to do.

Expanding on the above methods, the national standard for growing global or per capita knowledge by this means must be well advertised, planned for the presentation and stated at the beginning of every event. One should already understand that higher levels, broader content, and larger volume of knowledge given would be achieved.

Note: This next comparison is not meant as a condemnation but rather a focus on old education methods to offer improvements to educators. This outlines the what not to do.

One should still remember the teaching methods in local schools. They are done one class at a time. The bell rings and folks have a few minutes to get to the next class. The next class is usually not taught with direct teaching relationship to the last class. Those education environments and methods should be considered extremely obsolete. A great deal more is known about the human brain processes now than was around 1900 when the current planning was canonized. This change was at the beginning of the public school systems.

The class to class shuffle is historically known to be a distraction, as many students don’t show up for the next class, or other social encounters occur. The distraction devices are many from who would destroy the growth of our students.

One should easily see that a group of students that remain in the same class room and see or work in topics that slide from one to the next, and are integrated in a graphics environment, will gain more and be able to connect the thinking of each topic; When designed for connectivity. In theatre movies even scene changes are extremely fast and connected to avoid losing the attention of the viewer. Indeed movies are successful when they properly intertwine the scenes. Would high school students chose to buy tickets for the old classes unless required by some controlling law? In contrast one can easily sell tickets to students for an action movie. Education on technical topics should be seen as an action movie in what they mean.

To give more action to the previous rough outline, one can find a shocking number of social failures and product failures because people do not learn how to connect the thoughts from one scene to another. To be sure, crimes go unsolved due to this. Products fall apart, space shuttles blow up, and economies crash because folks were never taught to connect groups of concepts from one topic to another. Due to current education planning, most students will never receive associated knowledge that can stop failures. Indeed, the failure to connect in business and securities allows criminals license to fill the gaps for them. We need locks on everything to cover for oversights, disjointed planning, and disjointed education systems.

Make an assessment of the results of poor global education planning

This author has more than 9 years experience evaluating engineering designs across America, on both military and consumer products. He has seen perhaps billions of dollars (and saved many) of failures created by graduate engineers and managers who do not comprehend what the next issue might be. Of most product designs, deficiencies are regularly present. For example; the product is great but the little handle broke off.

Indeed the trash dumps and auto junk yards are filled with good looking products that have only one important component that failed early. Autos that go to the junk yard early are found to have, from each model, one common design failure that wiped out the value of the rest of the auto. Indeed those represent engineering design failures due mostly to too narrow of vision by the engineers or managers. One can find reports representing trillions of dollars of wealth loss.

Graduate engineers and even registered professional engineers have been found by this author to not compute all of the needed elements for safety or product stability and life. In many instances students were never trained, or use wrong assumptions on how to use product components. In contrast those graduates passed the necessary disjointed tests that were given by their disjointed and incomplete education plan. Indeed all graduate engineers must be trained on location for perhaps five years because their college education was not sufficient to meet the needs of the public. Unfortunately that still does not insure their work is safe as they are usually not taught how to connect technical concepts outside of their specialty.

Public education has driven engineering and management students to focus on one engineering or business category or another, as opposed to multiple topics. Education in multiple topics would allow them to see possible failure points.

Broadened education in more than one category is shown to be warranted with a report from one engineering environment, of an “electo-mechanical” products company that builds electrical connectors. A standard complaint was that mechanical engineers design a product, but wait until the design is finished to finally adapt the plan of “now get the thing wired”. Since most products today include mechanical and advanced electrical/electronic products, this issue is found to be a key cause of failures in most automobiles and other products today.

Root causes of failure

The fundamentally wrong assumptions causing product failure promulgate from a failure to understand how the brain actually works in education planning globally. In other words, in relation to accelerating engineering education, an educational setting that is disjointed leads to failures in products and causes many injuries and deaths.

The truth of education shortfalls is also provable in many reports about how well a seminar or a conference conveyed a teaching. One should always expect good results, but that is often not the case. In contrast one should find many education topics can be added, to broaden the scope to any seminar or conference, provided graphics tools for good presentation are available (as suggested above). This is true also for every mathematics, engineering, strategic planning, business, and operations analysis track.

Ask if people are safe when a product is designed by someone with a disjointed education. For example, one can complete an associate’s degree and move on to a BS degree. But that usually requires a massive shift of focus, and time loss between studying the needed topics. This can track into design failures. Why wouldn’t it? The collage authorities are not cooperating very well or have no legislated legal requirements, or standard given by the US Department of Education.

Many associate degree subjects will not transfer to the BS degree. This has given exponential drop-out rates from a completed engineering degree. Fixing that problem would give an obvious increase in knowledge acceleration rate. In addition to the high dropout rates, students often find no job to matches their degree focus. This author opines the above issues of disjointed education can be traced to a root cause that education planners do not understand the actual brain functions and needs.

Core mathematical principles of education as related to human brain functions

One should draw reference for brain functions from Appendix A. But we include some here and consider here the question; What about the core mathematics for an engineering degree or other technical BS degrees? This proves to be an obstacle to success in most technical topics. One finds it is a core reason for no success and high dropout rates. This should be a paradox when the human brain is computational for all thinking. One can opine that many students pursue a business or psychology degree because they believe they cannot “handle” the advanced math. This usually includes basic Algebra.

A key issue of current upper level mathematical education exists when starting with Algebra. This rule is usually that one cannot study trigonometry or geometry registered classes unless one passes a class in Algebra. This barrier has insured the stop of millions of students. In addition, in most US schools, education directors have decided that one need not study Algebra unless pursuing a college degree. This author opines that is something like the autocratic decisions found in the old Soviet Union-that eventually collapsed. The math for their planning was flawed and buried in political, not mathematical reality, shown of the actual human brain functions.

Evidence is clear that the human brain runs the body using vast amounts of advanced calculation means. These include the similitude of multiple complex differential and vector calculations, differential geometry, etc. In addition differential geometry forms and articulation of relativistic computation are required simply for a child to run around a house one morning. Doubting this, one should examine texts on the theoretical operations of Robotic systems.

Journals exist for exploring robotic controls math. They include differential geometry and calculations to simply control one robotic arm. Actual current robot designs using computers and the most advanced software has never rendered a robot with the agile, diverse, complex, and flexible skills of a child. The children win in mathematical brain functions against the educators and the robot builders. The child can do what no robot has achieved in motions as of July 2010. Yet the math for running robots is shown to be complex using vast amounts of sequential computations. They have finally grown to using increasing numbers of sensor systems. In contrast the human is born with multiple millions of sensors. The human brain processes and calculates the data for subsequent motion and added thinking control. Does current education of children match what they do every day?

Accessing the sub conscience to break down barriers of the present

Below we examine specific areas of possible improvements to connect the robot designers of the future to the real world found in the functions of their brains, when they were children. Restated; some have found that inventors often refer to thinking processes with emotions they used when they were very young? This author has experimented with this. We inventors are sometimes known to use a form of emotional transformation from our youth to rethink the new.

This projective thinking process should be thought of as an emotional transformation that promulgates from mathematical transformations as defined in part by the LaPlace, Fourier, and other transformation math. The author opines that all children do this. Certainly we inventors do this.

Psychoanalist and author Carl Jung writes of processes found in the brain of all people of the world. He notes images of art forms found in caves and paintings all over the world, from all historical times, that are extremely similar. He argues that all human brains function in the same way throughout history, and produce those art forms. This author expands here a mathematical connection. This would be that the art forms are first represented to the persons in their dreams. But the art forms do not always exactly match what was given in geometric form in their dream. He found that geometric forms can be themselves elements for transformation when actually drawn in a cave wall or in a person’s note book.

Jung notes that reports of dreams show this continuity phenomenon and gives us a useful concept. He feels that God speaks to us through our dreams. He writes that the reason we don’t usually understand this is because of the busy social environment we live in.

This author opines that Jung shows us that our brain functions are more advanced than our current education processes allow. We need not claim God does it to understand that the processes come from the brain hierarchy. We need to grasp that current education does often squash creative thinking. Reports of attempts at expanding thinking by children are usually in a public school environment that ultimately squashes the final outcome.

Thus, to advance our understanding of thinking processes we actually need to access and manipulate thinking at the hierarchy of our control processes. This is why we everyday inventors often must access emotions from when we are a child, to break the barriers of present thinking, that are caused by channeled and disjointed educational dogma. This in part is the education practice named pedagogy + disorienting or disjointed class switching. Anyone should recognize that one cannot concentrate as efficiently on a technical concept when distracted. But students are more vulnerable to distractions. Thus disjointed teaching practices should be seen as less automatically less effective for young students who have not learned how to block distractions.

More specifically, as witnessed and used by this author, to invent something new while examining the existing, one must mentally (thus mathematically) transform its or the overall geometric and physical properties to create the new. This can be called the algorithm creation process. The previous is a rough outline of some of the inventive process of higher level math.

The “Higher Algebra” of the Human Brain Algorithm

In Appendix A some elements defining the human brain functions are presented. In reference, one can find this author has used his theory from his paper titled “AFSC Dynamic Intellect Model,c1981” which demonstrates the human brain automatically creates algorithms of computation. The mathematical algorithm is a sequence of computer operations for calculations. One can find one crudest form is called “Boolean Algebra”. George Boole created this in his book that was designed to explore thinking processes. The book title is “Treatise on the Laws of Thought”. His work represents high level mental math processes. His book should be earth shattering when actually read. Boole demonstrates that all of life and death follow the logic form he described. The only text recognition given him is his simple basic Boolean Algebra, as opposed to the mathematical mental process he showed. He wrote the book around 1863. One expects, in 1863, the educators would not understand the actual mental mathematical skill found in all humans.

This author offers here an expansion of thinking for the human brain algorithm production. This is his concept that the human brain is functioning at the most advanced level of computations that one might imagine. In addition, one should always recall this rule: It is the human brain hierarchy that drives all writers of new mathematical concepts. Thus one step above their writing is the Hierarchy of their brain processes.

In contrast in the teaching of algebra concepts, most educators start at the bottom, or most crude form. This author argues that this is the reason humans most often fail to quickly grasp the teaching of basic Algebra. The failure is not because of a lack of skill or higher mental capacity. It is because they cannot imagine why algebra is, because it is too far below the dynamic level of the processing brain. To insure this failure, many first page teaching of basic algebra show no geometric forms that the brain is searching for. Or, when they do, as shown, it does not relate to the needs for walking. So the student’s answer is to start with concepts that are more advanced in name to attempt to extrapolate some useful meaning.

Basic Algebra education is extremely sub standard in reference to the Hierarchy shown of the human brain.

This author has two personal examples of this algebra teaching phenomenon of the heading noted above. Albert Einstine and this author both dropped out of Algebra classes. This author is happy to claim this. He wishes to write disclaimers. But he invites all to read on and find out a possible Einstine/Cutburth connection. The purpose is for demonstrating and extrapolating concepts of how the brain actually functions. More than this simple connection one can find that this author never did finish an algebra class given in a class. Instead he taught himself algebra all the way through differential calculus. He used his skills in speed reading to research and find useful books.

One can check his advanced engineering science degree to find no classes below calculus accept via equivalency tests. Then his degree track goes directly into advanced theoretical math including useful Game Theory. During this author’s early school experiences, he saw many pictures posted all over America and in many books that Einstine is one of the smartest persons in the world. He agrees that is likely true, but that advertisement is not complete, and does not work as intended.

Incidentally, physicists have noted that many of Einstine’s calculations were flawed. To answer that argument, has anyone noticed that all of anyone’s mathematical expressions are in the foreign language that is the Algebraic language format? In spite of Einstine’s mixed Algebra he wrote about advanced ideas, that would be geometric forms when computed. This author suggests those conceptual, and subliminal visions, were really envisioned from his human brain hierarchy.

In contrast, this author would also opine that Einstine’s geometric forms are for all of us to create or imaging at some point in our life, as part of our natural graphic represented thinking, as proven by Carl Jung. Einstine gives us more proof we all poses an advanced hierarchy. He never did claim no one else could do that. This claim would be wrong, since all humans are required to use the hierarchy of our mental processes to learn to run around the house.

Einstine proved his mental mathematical hierarchy activity is true. But the standard of the gulag hammering the combination of crashing students on Algebra, and simultaneously showing anyone who is smarter than most, is a flawed political claim. Thus they teach that all who clamor through the school halls or open a book and see the photo of Einstine may not be like him ever, has contributed to the failures. Ask honest Psychologists if this combination can create feelings of futility .

This author opines that mathematics education is driven by ancient assumptions of what comes first. Specifically, in all rational thinking all other learning is through realization of objects first, as in house negotiating. Thus all people from their earliest learning get geometry and relativity first in the study of relationships in the relativistic connection of objects.

The design to focusing on objects is how the fundamental algorithms of Object Oriented Programming and Genetic Programming have grown rapidly. People comprehend them rapidly and use them fluently because they more represent functions of the natural brain. Indeed one can opine that Einstine’s presentation of his “Special Theory of Relativity” grew out of the hierarch of the brain that functions in more complex geometric ways. Simultaneously ancient art forms show us that all human brains do this.

Special Relativity realization is one of more complex processes of geometries. It should not be a student abuse tool. Given that all brains are designed the same, and are computational, this provides then that most people are all “The smartest people in the world”. Realization of this point should mandate revision of the Einstine posters and book pictures to say that “Einstine’s success in education is yours for the taking when you simply chose to go for it. We will leave the lights on for you”.

There are educators that claim that their students are all Einstines”. That should not be an isolated point. Furthermore, they need to find out why: Because, to say it and not prove it causes the claim to be systemically isolated by the controllers of education planning.

This previous synopsis of the natural advanced geometric mathematics processing in the brain that is shown by Einstine, and this author’s writing about algorithm production, has been analyzed for the means to produce patentable products. There is record of this as rational processes of this author’s realization of his theory of inventing. Expanding from his “AFSC Dynamic Intellect Model, c1981” he practiced inventing at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (circa 1983/86). The award of 9 issues patents provide US government proof that it works. Thus it is defined by facts on file that the hierarchy of the brain is demonstrable in all geometric shape creation.

Thus, in advanced geometric realization and creation one includes algorithm development in the realm of Higher Algebra. The Higher Algebra is usually shown to be relationships of more complex mathematical formulations, or specifically abstract geometric forms that are transformed. These require processing concepts in the area of differential geometry or theoretical math. But this would be radiated from the imaginations given from the brain hierarchy.

This author offers this is the area of the inventive process given by the brain hierarchy. Thus his noted mental algorithm production is in the Higher Algebra category of processes. This is because in the encyclopedia definition of Higher Algebra one finds the theoretical math authors have placed that in the category of the creation of Algebras ,An Algebra , and Operator Algebra.

By the above concept definition of brain processes, one has evidence to opine that while the dogmatic classical algebra classes are being used to abuse a student, the students begin their attempts to interpret it using algebra creations in the theoretical math realm of Higher Algebra . Not so? Then answer why the creators and authors who first demonstrated concepts of higher algebra, algebras, ,an algebra, operator algebras, were able to create what they did. All the authors had to use before the abstract creations was the libraries of texts about common algebra. The concepts had to come from creative processes from their brain hierarchy. One would not be likely to pin down the date of actual creation. Consider the Book noted below by George Boole of about 1863.

To advance our achievement; To break barriers and accelerate knowledge growth, we need to seek the methods of the brain hierarchy. For the quickest application of this, one finds that accelerating learning through quick conferences and seminars usually use as much graphics (geometric forms) as possible. Visual education happens extremely fast, just short of the speed of light. The advent of exceptionally advanced screen play and graphics by movie makers demonstrates graphics capabilities available for education without the underlying political propaganda found in movies. Unfortunately a great deal of the Theatre is designed for disinformation in conflict with advancing education. Lots of public education time is wasted on this.


Through understanding and using the true mental process for teaching, one can slide from one class focus area to another as in the scenes of a great movie. If not understood at this point, one can ask; Where does the core concept from the book title apply to restructuring education? Examine further the title. Quantum Operational System Hierarchy. One can transpose the words for development of a Quantum strategic plan that is defined under a hierarchy.

As demonstrated in some possible rules for education changes noted above, the same class that is confronted with algebra can simultaneously learn basics of electrical and mechanical engineering, and others that one can use in their everyday lives. This is specifically acceleration of education. Thus the human brain hierarchy produces the quantum of knowledge relationships and patterns.

This author offers that this quantum concept of knowledge relationships and patters is the reason quantum physics was envisioned and thus created for physics. The fundamental formula represents a collection of elements that when combined produce a broader understanding of processes in physics. Thus the concept of a quantum physics exactly fits the human brain hierarchy that tells us is the correct process for education; one that is connected and demonstrates continuity.

For restructuring education based on specific provable facts on brain functions, one should be drawn to the concept that it is the human brain hierarchy that is the inventor or discoverer of all concepts about its self, and all other witty inventions. One can devote a life of study of philosophy finding that the human brain runs it all, as if it represents a “One Mind”.

Recomendations for change in advanced mathematics education for knowledge acceleration.

1. Teach Algebra with the thought that one is teaching a foreign language. Teach Algebra only with large amounts of geometry and graphics. Certainly foreign language education is learned with the highest quality of understanding while visiting that country. One is ensconced in that geometry and culture. Algebra in terms of immediate graphics thus geometric forms would make the language more biologically systemic.

2. When starting to teach the Algebra language, one can have useful effects by manipulating the simple formulas about Ohm’s law. The combined effect produces cultural understanding of energy. One should find it interesting that most people have not been taught this simple system. Yet it helps them understand energy consumption and application. This provides a framework for combining electrical and mechanical engineering topics.

Teach relativity thinking as part of geometry thinking. What geometric objects are not in relative position with another? None. Relativity thinking helps one relate to the effects of all topics, through lexical connection, with the words “Related to”. Through this medium the other words of Algebra can be expounded upon, and contain from Ohm’s law, the cultural applications content. Understanding electrical aspects of energy certainly gives visible light to daily needs.

3. Teach fundamental engineering concepts while teaching geometry and Algebra. That is not a vast unreachable topic to teach simultaneously with items one and two. As shown in item 2, the simple fraction that is used for transcendental functions provides a basis for associating in engineering statics.

This author’s current research

He is regularly involved in research, on the order of advanced Intelligence gathering; Because information is crucial for extended knowledge growth. He also studies his dreams as recommended by Carl Jung. He also uses the method offered by Jung to modify his dreams. He first, and for a time woke and immediately wrote down dreams, as they are usually quickly forgotten. Then he began the quest to ask questions prior to sleep, as recommended by Jung. It works. We can get really abstract answers. They are not often what we expect, but are actually more of a correct answer than expected.

This process has lead to receipt of extremely fast/dynamic dreams of fantastic art forms. There have been times when he was so overloaded that he needed to ask to stop for a while, which they did. At that time he simply received dreams something like complete basic home movies. Those were not from anything in his life. So he asked before sleeping, who makes those dreams? In about a week an answer came to him in a dream, of who makes those dreams. Answer:

The Prop maker.

Of course that would be who creates and makes the movie sets to give ideas to the audience. In this case, the author is the audience. And the dream said the movies are created by The Prop Maker. Then this author made the bold request to meet the prop maker. After about a week and a few requests to meet the prop maker, he was brought in his dream to meet The Prop Maker.

The rest of that story is not important for this work. He has at this time asked to only get basic family related simple movies. That is what happened. This has continued while traveling to visit Lithuania for three months. This time has allowed him the opportunity to write more about these concepts.

One can opine that each person is endowed with their own prop maker for their dreams as they chose or are given to need. Evidence exists that dreams can/should be used as one means to expand and accelerate knowledge growth. When that is not the choice or the effect then not by exploring one’s subliminal thought impacts.

The author opines the dream media is where one finds one direct connection to the hierarchy and creation of advanced mathematical forms. In retrospect for this work, the author was able to use an example from the movie makers and scene makers presented by The Prop Maker encounter to be influenced sufficiently to suggest other ways to improve the acceleration of knowledge growth. Certainly one can improve the graphics and subsequent rapid scene changes. He suggested this above in expanding seminars, conferences and standard classes.

One could/might still ask, does thinking about accelerating knowledge lead to accelerated knowledge?

Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth Copyright 2005/2010 Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth

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Accelerated object formation in the brain is a basis of knowledge growth and inventing. All humans do this. Most have not realized we do. Restated; All humans are naturally inventors; able to produce patentable ideas. Failures to do it are not in the potential skill, but in understanding and manageing those advanced mental processes.

We begin building massive mental files about objects in our brain at birth. Yet we do not usually recognise that recognizing objects is proof that this is a fundamental process of brain functions. Mothers holding their baby see this but often fail to optimize the process. Some actively get involved in early child education as they understand the growth can be accelerated. Attentive mothers watch this process throughout their child's life. Fathers get invovled in the process but are more passive until later years.


Emanual Kant, in 1781 wrote that all objects and thiinking (all knowledge) is based upon measures. He was unaware that the human brain is actually a mathematical machine in how it is structured. This mental measure is described in earlier posts-below. Kant described in detail that "all things and thinking" represent three elements. All three elements work simultaneously in a knowledge growth process. These three things are processed together to form or analyze information. Also, information is the substance that is accumulated to make knowledge and understanding. These three elements are:

1. Quanitity; The largness or weight of an object or how important the thought.

2. Quality: The amount of detail, and what features are in any object or in a thought.

3. Modality: Modality is the relationship to other objects or thinking. Modality is the substance of General Relativity.

Notice that in quantity and quality when there are quality details noticeable in an object or thought it thus posesses other items of information that themselves have quality and quantity as in a chain of information or objects. When an object or thought has developed quality in the brain this represents prior knowledge development stored in the brain.


To walk, we must see, compare and contrast the objects in our surroundings. To think we must recall, compare and contrast inf0rmation with other information. The compare and contrast of objects and thinking is an exercise in relative (relativity) analysis; the modality of the objects or thinking.


We all invent when thinking up a new thought or object from those already in our memory. Those that work at recording those thoughts in writing or sketching are able to optimize the results of this process. Thus the process can be optimized, and increased efforts will accelerate the process. This is why acvanced education levels are acheived in writing. Moreover, writing of reports that include development of charts, grafts and drawings improve the breadth of knowledge growth.

The processes descrived above are considered the most advanced in knowledge growth. But
in fact, this author arugues, the current education practices are relatively slow and narrow compared to the real potential growth of the human brain. The fundamental truth that the human brain operates at just under the speed of light demonstrates there is a large gap in existent acheivements and real potential.

Specifically, the accumulation and analysis of elements that all contain Quality, Quantity and Modality of objects and thinking are not restrained by actual brain speed. All being designed the same demostrates that other bodily phsical impairments, as in size or handicaps cannot change the potential. Thus, the prevention of acceleration of knowledge is a management issue only.
Age is not an issue unless one has passed a long life without attempting to learn really new subjects. Studies have shown the rationale for the challenge that for ones brain power, "If you don't use it, you lose it". One can directly compare mental exercizes to physical exersizes. Reports show that elders who practice cross word puzzle challenges or the card game Bridge are less likely to develop dementia symptoms. This author opines that these facts demonstrate that one can still accelerate knowledge growth at almost any age. Thus, the usefulness of elders in society has been substantially waisted because of social opinions and folklore.


A. Practice examination of the elements of knoweldge and thinking. Think of an object, or a thought. Specifically list what makes it have quality, quantity, and how it relates to other objects (modality). Write down a thought. Next, mentally or through sketches, change the object slighty. Keep changing it until it becomes something else. Now go through the same process mentally without making a sketch of it. Start accelerating the object changing. Now add other objects and change them as related to each other. Practice building this in your mind only, not in drawing. This is how products get developed. This author argues that products are not developed at the real speed potential of humans. This is how some new tools have been developed. yet it takes at least 20 years longer than it should. furthermore, many new products have only small changes leaving many potential changes unacheived. Worse Still, failures to optimize designs often includes errors in the design resulting catestrophic failures. This is true of home appliances all the way to rockets and all automobiles.

B. Practice writing conversion. Write down a thought. Write down similar thoughts. Now change each word to something that is is similar. Keep changing this. Now change each word that has multiple sylables. Change the endings as in grammar-but don't be restricted to grammar practice. This conversion is related to language development. This is something of the basis of Linguistics. This is also the substance of some national intelligence research operations tools.


This author used the processes above in experiment to produce patentable products at Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) (1983-1987). One can find some of the resultant patents listed through a Google search on my name as Ronald cutburth and Dr. Ronald Cutburth. The patent processes were first written about in my "AFSC Dynamic Intellect Model, copyright 1981, Cutburth". The effective results produced at LLNL were noted in my Ph.D. disseration titled "Operations Analysis of Engineering Science: The Mission of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, copyright 1997, Cutburth". The concepts are expolored and expanded upon in my book "Concept Fusion, copyright 1997, Cutburth). The later two items are listed in the National Books-In-Print, and can be found in a Google search on my name.

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BRAIN SPEED: Note this applies to all humans and all creatures with similar brain cells.

How fast can one person think? How quick can ideas come? What is a nanosecond? The brain can process information and produce a thought in one nanosecond or less. This is about one thousanth of one second. Examples are a sudden realization of possible injury, or the "flash" of an idea, or a measure of possibilities of an event. The specific speed of action of the brain is just under the speed of light.

BRAIN MATH: All ideas and thinking are based on measurements

The issue of measures of the mind are important for these concepts. The brain receives and processes measures of all things and ideas. This is because the brain is actually a mathematical machine at its roots. Specifically; All ideas and thinking are based on measurements.
In higher levels of thinking processes, and in lower lower levels of processes, one compares and contrasts, which is all about measurements. The book "The Computational Brain" provides information on this topic. In writing for advanced papers in university programs one is taught to compare and contrast ideas found in research. What is not taught is that the same process of compare and contrast is used to walk. Advanced management texts attempt to help one organize and establish measures of processes; Because all thinking is based on measures. This is first stated here. But the noted book above also shows how this can be that the brain is a mathematical machine. For this idea one needs to examine what the brain is made of, and how it works.


The brain is actually built as an electro-chemical machine with the results that it is a mathematical machine. The brain is built of cells. There are perhaps trillions in one human
Brain. They all interact through nerve connections. The nerve connections send electronic signals through the nerves. Those signals are compared and passed along through the brain to produce stored information. The storage is accomplished by charging. The charging is something like charging tiny batteries. Except that each brain cell my not do much by its self. But a collection of charges has meaning. Specifically they also describe "dimension" or "measure". So that the charge of three brain cells equals a complex value greater than the three. So the brain builds measures of all ideas and things in this way from the time we are in the womb until we die.


Brains are able to gain and process ideas and thinking at speeds just under the speed of light. Though the facts are here, this does not occur in ways that we individually understand. So there is a great deal of room to accelerate learning once the educational or psychological road blocks are removed. A fundamental problem exists in education when one needs to go through many years of education to then be taught to "compare and contrast" in the way the brain was intended to function in the first place. Since the human brain is mathematical in all of its activity, a paradox does exist that many have difficulty understanding advanced math topics. This should be seen as a direct challenge in how mathematical education is accomplished. All human brains process complex differential computations just to walk. Yet advanced texts teaching one to compare and contrast teach almost nothing new of math at the level needed to walk.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

In my Ph.D. dissertation, and in a simultaneous book I define a theory which became the title of the book "Concept Fusion". I show a triangle of information produces one knowledge element. I project that then a connected triangle of three knowledge elements produces understanding. An intricate structure of knowledge elements are built using a network of trillions of brain cells. As a dynamic roboton the brain collects relationships, which then are defined in bulk by numericy.
Simultaneously hyper knowledge relationship skills would not be explained unless we consider knowledge given
A-Priori as explained by Emanuel Kant in 1781. Furthermore a global continuity and connectivity of a-priori is explained by Carl Jung. I interpret metaphysical concepts are in these latter categories.
I will be building my blog more as I have time. To be sure, fundamental knowledge explotion potential understanding needs to grow.

Thursday, August 27, 2009





To be continued

Thursday, August 6, 2009

OVERVIEW for this knowledge acceleration design

This blog site allows a unique opportunity to distribute/promote advanced knowledge acceleration ideas.This wonderfull blog concept and designed pattern allow a collection of ideas which will be cateloged as postings. One must remember that fundamental points for this site teaching are based on the key word elements,premis, theories that will be found in this OVERVIEW posting or stated as OVERVIEW ADENDEM. Note this author reserves copyright on all writings in this blog. Copyright 2009, Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth

This author, Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth, has clear evidence of key issues about knowledge acquisition. There appear to be intermittent and universal serious failures in education in many areas of study and in many cultural and global locations. It is presented here that there is no fundamental reason for these given the emense capacity of all humans. Restated;
A: All humans have emense knowledge acceleration capacity. Thus to claim a failure demonstrates a failure, but creates a paradox. Worse still, the point and result is sort of oxymoronic. This again represents a paradox, since there should be no oxymoronic thinking given the emense capacity of all human brains.
An understanding of current and historical information about brain functions helps one sort through the issues on what the human brain is supposed to be doing. In addition, an outline and exploration of thinking procedures gives light to the problem and solution objectives.. For exampt:
B. All human brains are mathematically inclined. I expect that most humans are shocked to read this. This is a point of my understanding of the education failures to bring out this understanding among humans. Restated: The human brain is designed to function using high levels of mathematics. Specifically the most advanced mathematical prinicples taught in the most advanced texts are those used by humans most every day of our lives.

To be continued.